Bring Privacy To The Table: Interactive Negotiation for Privacy Settings of Shared Sensing Devices
Haozhe Zhou, Mayank Goel, Yuvraj Agarwal
To address privacy concerns with the Internet of Things (IoT) de- vices, researchers have proposed enhancements in data collection transparency and user control. However, managing privacy prefer- ences for shared devices with multiple stakeholders remains chal- lenging. We introduced ThingPoll, a system that helps users nego- tiate privacy configurations for IoT devices in shared settings. We designed ThingPoll by observing twelve participants verbally ne- gotiating privacy preferences, from which we identified potentially successful and inefficient negotiation patterns. ThingPoll bootstraps a preference model from a custom crowdsourced privacy prefer- ences dataset. During negotiations, ThingPoll strategically scaffolds the process by eliciting users’ privacy preferences, providing helpful contexts, and suggesting feasible configuration options. We evalu- ated ThingPoll with 30 participants negotiating the privacy settings of 4 devices. Using ThingPoll, participants reached an agreement in 97.5% of scenarios within an average of 3.27 minutes. Partici- pants reported high overall satisfaction of 83.3% with ThingPoll as compared to baseline approaches.