Detachable Smartwatch: More Than A Wearable
Rushil Khurana, Mayank Goel, Kent Lyons
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Glanceability and low access time are arguably the key assets of a smartwatch. However, smartwatches are currently limited to micro-interactions. They do not enable complex interactions and, in general, they do not afford continuous use for long. We believe that smartwatches can retain micro-interactions and glanceability, but also get better at long and complex interactions. We propose a smartwatch that a user can detach, and use as more than a wearable depending on their context, requirements, and preference. Detaching the watch enables it to morph into different forms, and thereby become a better interaction device, better display, and a better sensor suite. First, we interview participants to elicit usage themes for a detachable watch. Then, we build applications that showcase the range of use-cases where a detachable smartwatch offers additional functionality compared to an always-worn one, and highlights the affordances and benefits enabled due to detachability.